Flexibility to design
your KiwiSaver investment

The KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme gives you the ability to work closely with an adviser to create your own customised investment portfolio to fit your unique goals.

Working with your adviser, you can choose from over 400 New Zealand and international investments — giving you the flexibility to design your KiwiSaver investments.

Your wealth management world

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme gives you peace of mind and control over your wealth management world, with your adviser to guide you along the way. The value of advice has never been more important. Market volatility highlights the importance of having an adviser to help you with decisions that may have a long term impact on the value of your investments.

You and your adviser will work together to design a portfolio for your specific needs, taking into consideration any other investments they advise you on.

Responsible investment preferences, including environmental, social or governance, can also be considered.

This allows your KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme portfolio to fit more holistically into your overall wealth management plan.

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme gives you choice

Designed for sophisticated investors who want customisable investment choices and flexibility.


  • Over 400 investment options

  • Choose from many of the world’s largest companies

  • Access to leading fund managers

  • Full transparency of fees and taxes

  • Flexibility to cater for your specific investment requirements

  • Match your investment with your desired level of risk

  • Align your KiwiSaver investment with your social responsibility preferences

  • Integrate your KiwiSaver investment with your other investments

  • Ability to change your investments as circumstances change

  • Access through an accredited adviser

  • Designed for larger balances*

    *Minimum $50,000 initial balance from existing KiwiSaver and/or cash contribution

How it works


With your adviser, design a portfolio specific to your needs. Your adviser will document this in a Statement of Advice.


Your adviser will open a secure account for you on Consilium Wrap.


Review your portfolio and authorise your details online (including fees).


Once authorised, this will trigger an automatic transfer from your current KiwiSaver scheme. Non KiwiSaver cash deposits can also be made at this point.

What to expect in your statement of advice

The KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme requires all members (with the exclusion of eligible investors**) first to receive a personalised statement of advice from an accredited professional financial adviser before they can proceed to join the Scheme.

What this means is that your adviser will consider your specific needs when making a KiwiSaver recommendation.

The statement of advice document includes:

  • Consideration of your personal circumstances such as assets, liabilities and goals for retirement
  • How long you have before you need to access your KiwiSaver investment (your time horizon)
  • How much you can handle up and down movements in the value of your KiwiSaver investment (your risk tolerance)
  • Your adviser’s recommendations for you including the specific investments and the percentage of your money to invest in each, and a risk indicator that will allow you to compare your specific portfolio to other generic KiwiSaver products
  • Full details of the fee your adviser charges and the fees associated with the specific investments recommended
  • An area for you to approve the recommendations and instruct your adviser to proceed

** Eligible investors must still access the Scheme via Consilium-accredited advisers.

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FAQ for investors

  • The Product Disclosure Statement details the roles of the different parties in the Scheme.

    Consilium NZ Limited (Consilium) is the Manager of the KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme and the operator of Consilium Wrap, where investments can be viewed. Consilium works with over 100 independent and professional advisers. Consilium does not handle investor funds and is not a custodian. You can find out more about Consilium and Consilium Wrap at www.consilium.co.nz and www.consiliumwrap.com.

    FNZ Custodians Limited and FNZ Limited are custodian and administrator of the Scheme respectively, and jointly referred to as FNZ. FNZ provides custody and wrap software services to global financial institutions and to several large New Zealand banks. FNZ Custodians Ltd holds investor funds in its name as a bare trustee for the benefit of the Scheme members. You can find out more about FNZ at www.fnz.com.

    Trustees Executors Limited is the Supervisor of the KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme. The Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that Consilium NZ Limited as the Manager and FNZ Custodians Limited as the Custodian of the Scheme are performing their respective duties and acting in the best interests of the Scheme’s members. Both the Manager and the Custodian provide regular detailed Scheme reporting to the Supervisor. Trustees Executors Limited was established in 1881, and is New Zealand’s oldest trustee company. As well as being a Licensed Financial Markets Supervisor, the company provides other services such as fund administration. You can find out more about Trustees Executors Limited at www.trustees.co.nz.

  • The Scheme fees are designed to be cost effective. The total fees you will pay depend on your investment choices, the transactions you make and the fee you agree with your adviser for their service. For further details including fees and taxes, refer to the Investment Options Supplement and Product Disclosure Statement.

  • KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme is not available to all investors.

    To join the KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme, you must have a minimum initial balance of $50,000 to transfer in, and throughout the duration of your membership of the Scheme, you must continuously retain the services of a professional financial adviser who is accredited to advise on the Scheme by Consilium. Due to its design around choice, KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme is designed for investors at the top marginal tax rates.

    The Scheme is not a portfolio investment entity (PIE) therefore tax is charged at a flat rate of 28% and is not included in the investor’s personal tax return.

  • Yes.

    You can transfer your KiwiSaver investment balance to any other KiwiSaver provider at any time. You can also change advisers and stay within the Scheme, provided that your chosen replacement adviser is also Consilium-accredited for the Scheme. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

  • Each year you will receive five reports provided by Consilium as Manager of the Scheme. These consist of four personalised quarterly reports and an annual member statement.

  • The minimum $50,000 balance is only an initial requirement to become a Member. After a Member has joined the Scheme, the $50,000 balance does not need to be maintained.

  • The Scheme claims back the adviser fee and credits this back to the Member’s Personal Plan. The Member does not claim it in their personal tax return.