Take control of
your KiwiSaver investments

A unique KiwiSaver offering

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme is an innovative self-select KiwiSaver scheme designed for sophisticated investors who want customisable investment choices, and to enable advisers to tailor portfolios specific to the personal needs of their investors.


In the years since the inception of KiwiSaver, over 3 million New Zealanders have saved over $100 billion into their KiwiSaver accounts. As balances grow, so does the need for advice. Having access to professional advice is key to helping you reach your long term goals.

Giving investors choice and flexibility

Take control

Transfers control of the investment decisions from a single fund manager into the hands of the adviser and investor.

Value of advice

Allows advisers and investors to customise investment recommendations to their specific needs from a list of over 400 investment options.


Investors and advisers can see details of investments held, transactions made, income earned, tax paid and fees charged.

Are you making the most out of your KiwiSaver investments?

Hear from Ben Brinkerhoff, Head of Advice, on how you can amplify the value of your KiwiSaver investments and tailor them to suit your preferences and needs.

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How it works


With your adviser, design a portfolio specific to your needs. Your adviser will document this in a Statement of Advice.


Your adviser will open a secure account for you on Consilium Wrap.


Review your portfolio and authorise your details online (including fees).


Once authorised, this will trigger an automatic transfer from your current KiwiSaver scheme. Non KiwiSaver cash deposits can also be made at this point.

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Online access anywhere, anytime

Our platform is desktop and mobile friendly, enabling you to track your investment's progress anytime. Just like an app, you can also have quick access to your Consilium Wrap and KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme account on your mobile via these steps.

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